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AMEO Powerbreather Wave / Flip Caps

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AMEO Powerbreather Wave / Flip Caps

Product Details

A pair of Wave / Flip caps for the AMEO Powerbreather snorkel. The Wave / Flip caps prevent the ingress of water and allows keeping the snorkel completely dry during turns or rough water conditions.
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Customer Reviews

No go
Product Rating
by Flip caps
This is in no way an indictment on Freediver Shop, and it may not even be on the R&D at Ameo either, I LOVE my power breather snorkel, becoming a swimmer has been an amazing journey and that snorkel rules. I just didn’t have luck with the flip caps, every time I tried a flip turn I ended up with a mouthful of water, so I quickly just scrapped the technique in favor of a wall grab. I’m not in any danger of making an Olympic team so ima just scrap the flip turn until I’m doing more swimming without the snorkel. The flip caps themselves came right away, and working with freedivershop was a good experience, hopefully it will be the same for returns!
Great Addition
Product Rating
by Gozer
These are a great addition to my Adventure Edition, of course I feel they should already be packaged with the product and not an accessory (should also come in gray not only blue)..
Also had to pay shipping coast which was the same cost as the product because they ship only from Europe.
All in all, a game changer to my open ocean swimming and snorkeling adventures.
Never swim laps again without them.
Product Rating
by Kevin
AMEO Powerbreather is great. My only beef is that they should sell all the caps with the primary package. I had to order separate caps for flip turns which seems silly. Make it a whole package since it's a premium price. that be said, the material and manufacturing are of a high quality.

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