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WaterWay Heavy Duty Monofin Bag


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Blue WaterWay Heavy Duty Monofin Bag
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Product Details

WaterWay heavy duty monofin bag.

Made with high quality Cordura material, the bag walls are lined with hard foam for optimal shock absorption and maximal protection. 

Supplied with two back straps and a side strap a for maximal convenience.

Keeps your monofin safe while traveling.

Monofin bag dimensions: 80 x 77 x 15 cm / 31.5 x 30 x 6 inch

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1 Year warranty for materials and craftsmanship
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Customer Reviews

Product Rating
by Gabrielle
I use this bag for my mermaid tails and I absolutely love it. Makes it a million times easier to carry everything around. And the pocket on the front is perfect for storing tops and other accessories!
Quick Order, Small Complaint
Product Rating
by Mermaid Lorilei
Got the bag to carry my Mertailor FF3 tail & skin and totally fits both so yeah on that. BUT, it's a little annoying that the bag only opens at the top, so it's a smaller area to add the tail & fin. Even if the zipper went down 1 of the sides would be definitely more convenient. Whether it's used for a regular scuba/snorkel monofin or mermaid wear.

Bag arrived much sooner than I thought it would, and arrived in perfect condition. Excited to start using it!
Mermaid Lorilei
on 8/26/21
Mermaid tail bag
Product Rating
by Jessica
I've been looking everywhere for a bag to carry my mermaid tail and monofin and this bag is great! It's big enough to handle my FF3 monofin from mertailor and an extra pouch for skins or accessories.
Great Purchase
Product Rating
by Dyner78
This was bought for my daughter, It is high quality and durable. She has been very satisfied.
Product Rating
by Mermaid Leslie
This bag is really great and spacious. I put all of my mermaid tail and accessories and still had more space for anything else. Definitely a good purchase.
Great bag
Product Rating
by Waternymph Lua
I love it! it's comfortable, it has an separate compartment to keep the stuff dry you want to keep dry.
I get why almost every mermaid I know has this bag.
Waternymph Lua
on 2/22/20
Great bag for travel
Product Rating
by AstronomNixie
I got this so I could travel easier with my mermaid tails and monofin. The size is perfect, the straps are comfortable, and the whole assembly is put together well. Only down side, I assumed the zippers went further down so it would open wider, they don't.
Absolutely love it
Product Rating
by Mermaid SalT
Great quality, perfect for packing around my tails and mermaid gear.
Product Rating
by MermaidFaline
Bought this monofin bag in 2017 for my near 12kg mermaidtail. It fits all my extra stuff like divemask, accessories etc. and it's still in perfect condition. Love it, and will definitely buy again when needed!
Over the top!!
Product Rating
by Lavinia
Products are simply amazing!! Very good materials.

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