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WaterWay Frontal Swimming Snorkel Ring

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WaterWay Frontal Snorkel Ring
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Product Details

Frontal snorkel ring from WaterWay.

Padded with soft neoprene for maximum comfort.

With adjustable rubber strap.

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WaterWay Frontal Snorkel Ring
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Specialized tape may be applied to the snorkel tube to enhance frontal ring attachment and mouthpiece seal. Snorkel strap may be supplied in a different color.

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Customer Reviews

It just works!
Product Rating
by JohnRLee
I was introduced to this back in 2002 for a course run by one of the BFAs, and I still plough up and down a lane in my local pool doing bi-fin exercises taught to me in sessions run by the other BFA.
As a heavy boned sinker, I find it so useful to be able to breathe with my head down.
Apart from having to change the head strap a couple of times over the years, it has now served me totally reliably for 20 years.

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