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WaterWay Freediving Glide Monofin


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This is WaterWay's leading custom made - hand crafted monofin. The Glide monofin is one of the most advanced monofins in the world. Great for depth, pool and competitive freediving.

The Glide monofin has revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets that enable optimal grip of the freedivers feet and the best possible energy transfer.

The Glide monofin is used by the top freediving athletes and world record holders including William Trubridge, Sara Campbell, Dave Mullins, Goran Colak, Guy Brew and others.
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WaterWay Freediving Glide Monofin - All Yellow
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Product Details

This is WaterWay's leading custom made - hand crafted monofin.

The Glide monofin is one of the most advanced monofins in the world. Great for depth, pool and competitive freediving.

Featuring revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets that enable optimal grip of the freedivers feet and the best possible energy transfer.

The Glide monofin is used by the top freediving athletes and world record holders including William Trubridge, Sara Campbell, Dave Mullins, Goran Colak, Guy Brew and others.

The monofin's blade is covered with a dense neoprene wing, which helps complete the athlete's motion underwater and enables passing a maximal distance with minimal effort.

Thanks to the monofin's wing it is positively buoyant at the surface enabling the freediver to rest comfortably in between dives. Buoyancy turns negative at a depth of 5-10m.

The monofin's blade is made of high end advanced and durable composite fiber to last for years.

As all WaterWay fin blades the blade is hand polished to ensure optimal streamline performance underwater.

Black / White
WaterWay Freediving Glide Monofin Classic
1 Year warranty for materials and craftsmanship
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Blade Angle:
70 cm / 27.6
68 cm / 26.8 inch
3.2 kg / 7 lbs

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Product Questions

How to select the correct foot pocket size?

Our foot pocket sizing is true to actual shoe size, we advise selecting the foot pocket size which corresponds with your actual shoe size.

To determine which foot pocket size is right for you, please refer to our universal shoe size conversion chart.

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How do I choose blade stiffness?

We advise selecting blade stiffness in correlation with your overall weight and physique;

  • Stiffness 1 - Extra soft - Weight under 45kg (~100 lbs).
  • Stiffness 2 - Soft - Weight between 45~70 kg (100~155 lbs).
  • Stiffness 3 - Medium Soft - Weight between 70~90 kg (155~200 lbs).
  • Stiffness 4 - Medium - Weight between 90~115 kg (200~255 lbs).
  • Stiffness 5 - Medium Hard - Weight over 115kg (255 lbs).
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How to correctly measure my foot length and width?

In order to correctly measure the length and width of your foot, please follow the measuring guide in the illustration below. Foot measurements should be made while standing on your feet on a flat surface.

Foot Measuring Guide

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Customer Reviews

good quality
Product Rating
by Susan
We are really happy with the monofin - although we were surprised by how tight the foot pockets are!
Still love it
Perfect purchase
Product Rating
by Narin
Everything was professionally done during purchase. Great interest and high quality product. Thanks!
Excellent Product
Product Rating
by Ralph
I am a sports apnea instructor, and as such I have been using an Oleg mono for almost 7 years.
Comfort is now my priority, I chose the Glide Fin for its ultra comfortable foot pockets... and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with my choice.
In addition the wing is very responsive and my distances with this mono are greater during training, without discomfort or feeling of tortured feet like a Chinese girl! LOL
Excellent product, recommended
Product Rating
Product is perfect, fitted well thanks to personal-request production. My advise is measure your foot carefully just the way described on the internet site and request it prior to production. My previous monofin was finis rapid, glide fin belongs really different class of monofin. It definitely increases my enjoyment. By the way I am amateur recreational freediver, I couldn’t find a chance yet to try it in the sea but my trials in the pool feels that my PB definetely increased. During my purchase experience, from order to shipment all staff communicated well, answered my questions in details to reach best fitted monofin. Thanks
Enjoying The Glide
Product Rating
by Anais
Having used a Finis Wave for a few years, moving up to the Waterway Glide has been a neat experience.

The fin will ask you to no longer "kick" through the water, but to "flex" through it. I've found the best way to enjoy this fin is to adjust technique so that the tops of your feet are not stressed on the downstroke. I learned how to make this change by pushing upstream against the current in shallow water. Less than 3 feet seems the most beneficial.

The technique involves allowing the ankle to flex sharply on the upstroke, as if walking. The fin responds very nicely to a strong upstroke, as if it's meant to be used that way. Then there is some concentration to keep the legs aligned with the fin on the downstroke, while pulling it at the hips, and counterbalancing the lead with the chest.

While the fin has a large surface area that needs practice to maneuver, it has no drag when at rest or while prone. That 20 or 30 degree angle between the foot and fin is my favorite thing about the Waterway Glide. That angle and reasonably comfy space formed by the footpocket is the reason I bought the Waterway Glide. I ordered the comfort footpockets and believe the comfort level experienced depends on making sure the technique doesn't stress the tops of the feet/ankle in the first place.

Now my speed is only limited by frontal drag and metabolic rate. The best speed happens underwater - particularly in shallow water - because the streambed close below discourages sloppy form. While I am careful with the fin, the fiberglass scratches easily but superficially, and doesn't appear to be damaging. Expect the fin to continuously add to its pattern of white scratches if used in a rugged setting. I think many of the scratches were from the beginning, when I was just starting to learn how to use the fin and was clumsy with maneuvering it. Aquatic fitness gloves help a lot with turning in the monofin.

Unlike the Finis Wave, the Waterway Glide doesn't want to break the surface. In a Finis Wave, you can get away with kicking only the lower body and keeping your head up clear of the surface. The Waterway Glide seems to prefer more flexion of the upper body even for surface swimming which results in your head being low to the surface. Expect to wear goggles during surface swims (it's probably more streamlined anyway).

Between active swimming and leisurely gliding about, I can enjoy over an hour of being in the water with this fin. When I'm done, it's not because of the fin's design.

Being in a 7mm wetsuit with hand flippers and the Waterway Glide makes me feel utterly at home in the water.
Great Monofin
Product Rating
by Anni
The fin is great, but I want a carbon-fin next time...
However, the white color does NOT stay white. It has turned yellowish ...

Unbelievable / Incroyable
Product Rating
by eric
it requires a good technique, but that's good, it grows, it's going fast.
very good quality and careful finishing.
Comfortable slipper ... for 45 minutes no more ...
Delivery and impeccable packaging and very good contact mails
Thank you

ca demande une bonne technique, mais que c'est bon, ca pousse, ca vas vite .
très bonne qualité et finition soigneuse.
Chausson confortable... pendant 45 minutes pas plus...
Livraison et emballage impeccable et très bon contact mails
Heel rubber was soft. Blade was ok
Product Rating
The blade is ok.
The shoes are ok.
The back rubber (heel / Ultra-Light Footpockets) was very soft and weak.
I went to a monofin technician and changed the back rubber and put a thicker and harder.
Very happy with the product
Product Rating
by Hugo
I ususaly do not write reviews but here I have to say those guys are doing a great job. The delivery was fast. the quality of the product is very good (I just brok my PB with it..).
Many thanks
They're Called GLIDE For a Reason!
Product Rating
by Dave C.
Very happy with the fit, finish, and performance of my Light Glide. Even with the ultra light footpockets the fit is very tight and I cannot wear them longer than about 20 minutes. BUT, that's about the same amount of time I can wear my Molchanovs Mono as well. I am a 53 year old man who's had back surgery, and I LOVE the Light Glide for long pool workouts, mindfully concentrating on my form and technique. During a 1.5 hour workout I can wear this fine 3+ times for 20 min at a time with no problems.
Two minor issues I have: The fin took almost three months to get to me. And I don't recommend the "yellow" blade color option at all. I picked blue pockets with yellow blade and the blade is a sort of milky tan color. I should have picked yellow pockets with the black blade. Except for those two things I would give it 5 stars.

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