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Leaderfins Hyper Carbon Monofin + Socks

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Customer Reviews

Totally satisfied!
Product Rating
by Jean
I was very happy with the options available for the monofin when placing my order. The monofin is some 4kg, solid piece of work and not buoyant. The socks make up for the slight extra "toe space" so the fin fits very good, as I got one size larger than my freediving fins. The power and drive forward is excellent. I was very impressed by the the friendly price tag and fast delivery to Sweden!
on 7/5/20
best fin ever
Product Rating
by Hartmut
I am swimming with monofins for about 25 years - this is the best fin ever! Excellent gliding in the water, more speed with less power required. Good fitting at the feet, good connection of the power in the legs to the fin.
Just great!
on 7/17/19
Great fin!
Product Rating
by Hartmut
Quick delivery from Estonia to Germany.
First impression: it's heavy (because of the rubber foot pockets and the 22 degree extension).
Easy to put on, enough space for the feet in the pockets.
In the water easy to handle from the beginning. It asks for stylish correct swimming but if you do, its driving you forward very quick without to much power to use. You really are gliding through the water. A very enjoyable feeling!
I am very happy with this fin!!!
on 6/20/19
good product
Product Rating
by Patrice C.
I'm living in Mayotte and I use every day the monofin, but it's my first time and I prefer again my leader fins carbon, more soft. I need more time to be easy with a heavy monofin.
Patrice C.
on 3/17/18
Perfeito maravilhoso
Product Rating
by Nadyne S.
Wonderful Perfect Monofin arrived in Brazil in 10 days super fast perfect finish better than I was expecting my first Monofin I'm in adaptation but already evolved a lot ... Wonderful bag everything perfect super competent and honest seller ... I will always buy from you thank you for attention .... Mad to debut in the championships of finswimming

Maravilhoso Monofin perfeito chegou no Brasil em 10 dias super rápido acabamento perfeito melhor do que eu estava esperando meu primeiro Monofin estou em adaptação mas já evolui muito ...Bag maravilhosa tudo perfeito vendedor super competente e honesto...vou comprar sempre de vcs obrigada pela atenção....Louca para estrear nos campeonatos de finswimming
Nadyne S.
on 3/5/18
A very good and comfy carbon monofin !
Product Rating
by CK
I've already bought two of these fins and i'm really very happy with both of them:

I'm 5'9 and around 138 pounds. My feet are 26,5 cm (10,49 inch) long. The first one i ordered was 39-40 - stiffness Medium. I can only wear the included toe-socks in them (still a very tight fit).
I use it for pool-training (warmer water) / when i don't plan to wear it too long (max ~90min).

I got another one of the Leaderfins Hyper Carbon Monofin in the next bigger size (41-42) - also Medium. I need to wear at least 2mm full socks otherwise this one is too big (toe-socks only is not enough). I probably could even wear 4 or 5mm full-socks in it. It is more comfy and i plan to use it outdoors / in cooler water when wearing it for a longer period of time.

Be also aware that if the instep of your foot (the area after/behind the toes to the leg) is already starting very early and going up steep, you will also need a bigger size, as the entry of the fin is pretty tough and the rubber not very flexible. A friend of mine with nearly 1 inch shorter feet than me cannot even get in my smaller 39-40 fin as the entry is soon too small (he can just get the toes inside). For him the bigger 41-42 with toe-socks fits just fine (which would be too big for me - i need at least full socks). So my feet are somehow in between the two Leaderfin sizes for this monofin.

It has a weight of around 7 pounds - and therefore negative buoyancy. With my 1,5mm suit the weight of the fin is still so much that i tend to sink slowly already at water-level. That is no problem in the pool, but keep this in mind if going deep(er) and re-check the amount of additional weight you really need !

I'd also recommend getting the blade protection and the bag for this fin. Not sure about the hydro-wings - i will have the possibility to try one with these soon.

To my opinion it is overall a very good, comfortable and fast monofin (with the 22 degrees of angle), it is neither stressfull to your feet (compared to cheaper monofins and their footpocket-designs) nor does it fatigue your legs that much (as compared to bi-fins in my opinion) if you get/find the right size (that is the main-point - as the footpockets are not soft).
on 2/13/18
Great product
Product Rating
by Joshua
Quality product and descent shipping time.
on 9/22/17
Good quality for a reasonanble price
Product Rating
by HKL
I use the mono both in the sea and during pool sessions. It is well crafted and with the blade angle offers a good hydrodynamics, Foot pockets straight, but the use of the half-socks is recommended, in order not to stress toes and fore-foot
on 5/16/17
Well crafted, very reasonable price
Product Rating
by Horst
For freedivers who want a good quality mono at a reasonable price this fin is a good choice. Having an inclination of 22 degress hydrodynamics is fine, both in the pool as well as in the ocean.
on 4/6/17
Product Rating
by Landon
I got the hyper carbon monofin with soft stiffness. I'm super happy with it. Foot pockets fit true to size. I feel like the foot pockets could be a little more comfortable. The blade material is good quality. The costomer service team is outstanding. Well made fin made with durable material. If you're looking for a monofin I would highly recommend this fin.
on 1/2/17

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