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Leaderfins Classic Foot Pockets

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Customer Reviews

Easy install
Product Rating
by Toni Rose
I was upset with my order at first because the shipping and return fee are expensive so I couldn’t really exchange my fins. I got a size bigger because they were in men’s size. I emailed them and with their prompt reply they told me to get just the foot pockets of my correct size. When they arrived they were so easy to install, I felt like a pro replacing the foot pockets.
Toni Rose
on 12/21/19
Great service, great fins, great foot pockets.
Product Rating
by Jeannie H.
Great service, great fins, great foot pockets.
Jeannie H.
on 12/8/18
Easy on easy off
Product Rating
by Teresa
I got a pair of Leaderfins and they were too big. Rather than send them back for a smaller size, and pay two way overseas shipping, it was less expensive to just order a new set of footpockets. Once they arrived I was able to swap them out in less than 5 minutes. Bonus, the olde footposckes rif over a pair of light booties, so I could swap them out if I wanted to dive in colder water (unlikely but it's an option)
on 5/18/18
Quick delivery and good quality
Product Rating
by Igor
Thanks much!
Quick delivery and good quality!
Good luck in your business!
on 11/27/16

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