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Leaderfins Carbon Fiber Fins

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Customer Reviews

Great fins for a good price
Product Rating
by Jacob
The fins were checked by my AIDA instructor. The comments were very positive. The manufacturing job was very clean, good response in the water, nothing to be jealous of from more expensive fins. I chose these ones as a beginner and I am very pleased. What a beautiful set of fins!
on 8/28/18
Carbon fiber fins
Product Rating
by bryan
I like it. Tried it in the waters of hawaii.... Comfortable , doesn't strain your ankle and also light. Must have pair....
on 1/26/18
Great fins
Product Rating
by kurt
Great fins has made a huge difference from the basic plastic ones i learnt on! No stress on legs could swim all day in them, i have medium stiffness but next time may go hard stiffness if that gives more propulsion.
on 1/3/18
Good shop
Product Rating
by Ahmed
Thanks it was amazing that actions were taking quick as soon as I placed the order and the next thing I know the product is home in less time and the way I choose it
on 12/29/17
Good fins
Product Rating
by Spearo X.
I like them a lot, up to now they have worked well. I prefer the soft ones, I have a pair of pure carbon ones, but a little hard for me at least for regular freediving, but for spearfishing those work ok.
Spearo X.
on 10/23/17
Great fins
Product Rating
by Xavier
Tested them and liked them
on 9/27/17
Product Rating
by santiago
These are my first full length fins. The fins are very good, I use them in the pool and rocky areas, for rocky areas and shallow depth I would recommend the short model. The foot pockets have a very soft fit, the blades are medium and have a very good flexibility and excellent power.

The only down side was that on the first day of use in the pool one of the little plastic side clips fell off, in the second use in the sea it came off again and I lost it.

estas son las primeras patas largas que me compro. las patas están muy buenas, las uso en piscina y en zonas de rocas, para rocas con poca profundidad recomendaría el modelo mas corto. las patas tienen un calce muy suave, las paletas son medium y tienen una flexibilidad muy buenas, muy buena potencia.

la contra es que el primer dia de uso en piscina se me salio uno de los clips laterales, en el segundo uso en mar se me salio también y lo perdí.
on 8/10/17
Product Rating
by kenz
Great fins, very pleased with the performance! Great product!
on 7/16/17
leaderfins are the way forward
Product Rating
by Jonathan
these fins fit very well and preform effortlessly , serious power through the fin kick , easy on the ankle flex and went for medium stiffness. recommended for long open water fin swims. very happy indeed .
on 3/2/17
Amazing fins
Product Rating
by Jonathan
These fins are designed exactly for what I needed them for, very flexible,strong , amazing movement underwater for long fun swim . Very impressive indeed cheers zig MASTER SCUBA DIVER /TEC DIVER/ FIN SWIMMER.
on 2/26/17

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