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WaterWay Model-1 Monofin

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Customer Reviews

Product Rating
by Santtu
Very nice and basic monofin to start practicing the noble sport of monoing! The foot pocket should've been a size bigger since now I can't fit 5mm sock nicely to a EU 46-47 foot pocket. My foot size is EU 44 normally. Otherwise the mono is very nice to use. Mine is with soft blade and it is just right.
on 1/20/20
Product Rating
by Ines!
Amazing quality! I love it!
on 12/26/18
Good monofin
Product Rating
by ShallowGuy
Good monofin - could be more comfortable though - I'm a beginner and can last no more than 15 min of training in it (that will surely change with more experience).
on 11/28/16
Excellent Swim Fin
Product Rating
by swim dude
I have been distance mono-fin swimming for the last 15 years. I used Finis competitor in the past. I have worn out 4 Finis units. The foot pocket typically tears after about 80 miles. I am a very aggressive swimmer & typically do 1.5 to 3 mi non-stop open water sets. I can tell no difference in performance between the Finis & waterway model except there are no signs of the foot pocket tearing after 120 mi or so on the waterway. The blade show some sign of delamination. I am very pleased and will order another model 1 as a spare if the blade should fail on my original. I have used both medium & soft when they were available from finis. For distance swimming stay with the soft to medium soft your times will be better. Great swimming fin!!! Very durable!!!
swim dude
on 8/24/15
Product Rating
by cecile
Im just happy with my new monofin, only problem would be the shipping Time, but the product is perfect, good fin and really light, so you Forget about the delivery Time.
on 5/1/15
Product Rating
by Luke
I did not have a good experience, but it is not the store's fault. I tried to order this item many times over multiple days but my card was declined every time. Eventually I found out that my card was put on hold for 'suspicious activity' because I had been ordering overseas. When I cleared that up they shipped the 1st monofin i tried to order, a size 12. But all my later orders were the largest size because I have to wear thick socks (I live in Alaska). They did not fit with anything but bare feet. The shipping was $60 and 30 days. So I could not send them back. I have done extensive modifications to get them to fit but even after all that I cannot swim for more than a few minutes before I get severe foot cramps. The final thing I can do is add arch support but then it will make the foot pocket too small again. I have been quite depressed about it as I had important plans involving the monofin. So far I have only been able to use it in the pool barefoot, even thin socks cause cramps.
All of this aside, monofins are not much more efficient than freediving fins, it has almost no turning ability so it is hard to explore. You have to equip and remove them while floating in the water unless you want to drag yourself in and out like Ariel- tho its fun its not practical and damages your wetsuit. I dont see what the big deal is about monofins.
on 11/3/14
Product Rating
by Edward
This model exceeded my expectations. The only problem is, I had to wait 10 days for my order to be shipped out (but I guess that was mostly the fault of the delivery service).
on 7/14/14
Excellent quality
Product Rating
by Camilla L.
I'm really happy with my new water way model 1 monofin! I love it! The shipment time was a bit too long but it was worth waiting! Excellent quality, great service!
Camilla L.
on 2/22/14

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