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Leaderfins Green Camo Fins

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Customer Reviews

Very satisfied
Product Rating
by Krzysztof Surowiecki
10 stars very good fins, working great under water
Krzysztof Surowiecki
on 4/21/21
Product Rating
by Charly
Great product, very knowledgeable customer service, quick to respond, good price, fast delivery. I highly recommend this company!!!
on 3/23/21
Great fins
Product Rating
by Graham
I have had about 5 freediving sessions with these fins and i love them. I didn't order the protective coating and kinda wish I did. I have about 3 or 4 scrapes on them from rocks.

I read a reviews about sizing that "you should buy a size up to allow space for your wet suit ". I would suggest buying your size, the foot pocket it a little big. I have been wearing some diving shoes inside of the foot pocket.

I also ordered the 'Soft' fins and think they are great. Plenty of push, my legs aren't burning after almost 2 hours in the water and look great!

I would suggest to friends and family.
on 10/7/20
Very happy with this product
Product Rating
by J.Mc
I bought these fins on Boxing Day and received them from Estonia in 5 days to Canada. I have used them in a pool and have been very happy with them. I ordered the foot pockets one size small on recommendation from reading reviews and they fit perfect. Size 11-12US for my size 12.5 foot. These are my first freedive fins and I have found them to be very easy to transition into from scuba fins.
on 2/3/16
Product Rating
by Yong
Really awesome customer service!
Case box is perfect. I will buy one more carbon fins in here.
on 6/30/15
Very Good
Product Rating
by TBliss
Awesome customer service and very good product for the price
on 10/10/14
Product Rating
by 808boi
Awesome fins, killa customer service (submitted wrong size fins and they corrected no hassle No problem).
on 2/20/14
Great fins and fantastic bag
Product Rating
by NZ Kingie
Great fins and fantastic bag
NZ Kingie
on 2/20/14
Pretty good
Product Rating
by Satil
A great fin for it's value
The footpocket sizes are quite accurate and the fin is very nice.
The camo pattern is actually much darker than in the pictures (maybe my pair is "special")
And they scratch very easily so I wouldn't recommend them for rocky and shallow dives
All in all i'm really impressed by the fins and the bag is pretty decent too.
on 10/10/13
Great product
Product Rating
by stack1902
cheap and accurate descriptions
on 9/2/13

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