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Leaderfins Abyss Pro Fins

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Customer Reviews

Very good fins
Product Rating
by Morten
Very good fins.
Very responsive and durable.
Footpocket a little tight.
on 2/14/19
Excellent quality / Fast shipping to the US
Product Rating
by Merica'
These fins are better than expected. I ordered them on a Saturday and got them five days later. From Estonia to Florida in five days, excellent quality, I am more than pleased. Will order more in future!
on 8/16/18
Excellent service
Product Rating
by Laurence
Great service and speedy delivery
on 4/24/17
Great pair
Product Rating
by Iru
I'm really happy with these fins, they work perfectly for me and I would never go back to plastic ones if I had a choice. Love the design and the power it gives. If you have narrow feet like mine, I'd suggest getting some socks as it works much better for me with socks on - the foot pocket is a bit wide for me. But generally, having socks on makes it more comfortable too!
on 2/20/17
LOVE these FINS!
Product Rating
by Kelley
I am a petite person so I got these in soft stiffness and they are perfect. I can dive down deep with very little effort and for the price, I don't think I will ever buy another brand. My first trip using these fins was to the Galapagos and I could dive all day with these fins and not feel tired (and the currents can be pretty strong out there). I highly recommend! ;)
on 1/23/17
Great fins
Product Rating
by Cap
These fins are worth it! Wish I would have ordered them along time ago. They fit great and they work great! Excellent craftsmanship and more durable than carbon fiber. The shipping was decent considering I had them shipped to Cuba. I would definitely recommend these!
on 6/10/16
Quality product
Product Rating
by Hayden
Very well made fins. The finish is excellent and they're more responsive than I expected.
on 12/3/15
Great fin
Product Rating
by HE
Good quality fins that perform well. The foot pockets are a bit heavy but very comfortable. Overall a good fin.
on 11/27/15
Very good
Product Rating
by nsomnius
I've only used the fiberglass (soft) fins a couple of times and they are very good. I'm 6' 4" tall I bought them to help reduce calf cramping from the stiffer fins I had first tried and they do the trick, only minor cramps with these which I hope will subside with more use. The 47-48 size is smaller than others I've tried and with my US Size 13 foot, I can barely get them on over a 3mm sock. Barefoot is a perfect fit, but where I dive it's pretty damn cold. The box they supply has already fatigued and one hinge was broken upon arrival. The other looks like it's going to fail very soon. Consider it a shipping container only, it's not designed for longevity at all. Overall I'm pretty happy with them regardless of the shortcomings.
on 9/26/15
Really nice fins
Product Rating
by rack
Got the for a freediving trip to the red sea and they did great!
Medium did take a while to get used to but I love them :)
on 10/18/14

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