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Leaderfins Abyss Pro Fins

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Customer Reviews

Great fins, great price.
Product Rating
by Sean
I use them out in Monterey, and they’re great for those looking to get into improving finning form with a good starter price.
on 10/18/21
Product Rating
by Fil
Quick communication, fast delivery, great quality fins. thank you!
on 10/13/21
Product Rating
by Kelsi
These fins are awesome, super comfy and easy to swim in. I've never swam so fast in my life! I'm legit a mini speed boat, creating a wake behind me and everything! LOL.

Great for free diving, light and powerful.
on 9/24/21
I'm obsessed!
Product Rating
by Julia
I'm literally obsessed with these fins. The quality is nice. Super light and comfortable. I use them all day every day. The only thing is that I wish shipping was faster. I had to wait for 5 weeks to get them (Estonia - San Diego, CA).
on 8/22/21
Very good fins
Product Rating
by Morten
Very good fins.
Very responsive and durable.
Footpocket a little tight.
on 2/14/19
Excellent quality / Fast shipping to the US
Product Rating
by Merica'
These fins are better than expected. I ordered them on a Saturday and got them five days later. From Estonia to Florida in five days, excellent quality, I am more than pleased. Will order more in future!
on 8/16/18
Excellent service
Product Rating
by Laurence
Great service and speedy delivery
on 4/24/17
Great pair
Product Rating
by Iru
I'm really happy with these fins, they work perfectly for me and I would never go back to plastic ones if I had a choice. Love the design and the power it gives. If you have narrow feet like mine, I'd suggest getting some socks as it works much better for me with socks on - the foot pocket is a bit wide for me. But generally, having socks on makes it more comfortable too!
on 2/20/17
LOVE these FINS!
Product Rating
by Kelley
I am a petite person so I got these in soft stiffness and they are perfect. I can dive down deep with very little effort and for the price, I don't think I will ever buy another brand. My first trip using these fins was to the Galapagos and I could dive all day with these fins and not feel tired (and the currents can be pretty strong out there). I highly recommend! ;)
on 1/23/17
Great fins
Product Rating
by Cap
These fins are worth it! Wish I would have ordered them along time ago. They fit great and they work great! Excellent craftsmanship and more durable than carbon fiber. The shipping was decent considering I had them shipped to Cuba. I would definitely recommend these!
on 6/10/16

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