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Ultrafins Speedy Ocean Blue Fins

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Great fin length for petite freedivers, foot pockets could be better
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by Tiffany
I'm a fairly petite female freediver (1.58m, 43kg), and my legs are not that strong. Full-length freediving long fins I've tried, even with very soft blades, have all been too strenuous on the muscles on the front of my shins. The relatively rare length of this model (60cm) works perfectly for me, giving me the extra efficiency and propulsion of a longer fin without wrecking my leg muscles.

That said, the foot pockets could use some improvement, I think. They kind of odd in the sense that they feel too tight when you're struggling to get into them, but once you're swimming in them they are actually a bit loose and wobble around a bit. For me, they also cause extremely bad abrasions on the back of my ankles. I reckon they would work a lot better with socks, but that would just make them even harder to put on.
on 11/3/18

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