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WaterWay Mermaid Monofin

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Customer Reviews

Good fin
Product Rating
by Freshwater mermaid
I'm glad I got the half size up for footpockets, it fits perfectly. This is the second monofin I've purchased and it's as good as the last one. Moves gracefully in the water and looks very "mermaid-ish" when there's a fabric covering over it.
Freshwater mermaid
on 9/15/23
Excellent, but tight footpockets
Product Rating
by Mermaid girl
An incredible monofin, excellent quality and great propulsion. I have installed it in my silicone tail and look forward to testing.

Only 4 star because the foot pockets are VERY tight, despite me sizing up. Hoping the foot pockets wil soften over time.
Mermaid girl
on 11/10/21
Great product snug fit
Product Rating
by Mermaid Bonnie
I bought this monofin as a stand-alone for freediving as well as to use inside fabric tails. I chose the softest stiffness and it swims like a dream with lovely flex.
I ordered 2 sizes up because I wear neoprene socks all the time, and I also made my foot pockets a bit bigger because I have a very high foot and it was painful after 20 minutes. Now though the fin fits like a dream and I can wear it for ages. Highly recommend!
Mermaid Bonnie
on 10/21/19
Great Monofin, Runs VERY small
Product Rating
by The Celtic Siren
I love that this monofin fits in my FinFolk goby tail (those tails need power!) and I have this monofin in 1 & 3 stiffness. Def use 1 or 2 for mermaiding as 3 does not allow enough movement.

I ended up having them put in the Nemo foot pocket after trying 4 different sizes. The foot pocket this comes with is extremely narrrow and runs very very small. I ended up with a size 14, and I wear a size 11/12. I even had my smaller footed friend order one in her size and it was too small for her to wear for even 20 minutes. I really do wish they had this information available in advance as a number of folks I have talked to said theirs came too small but the cost of shipping for an exchange was cost prohibitive.

So all in all, great fin, HIGHLY recommended. Make sure to go up 2-3 sizes. Nemo foot pocket is a must for any larger footed folks, but it does make your feet more noticeable when you are wearing your tail.

Note: I also put one in my silicone tail that needed a new monofin. I haven't swam test it yet, but I am very excited about it.

@TheCelticSiren and I will happily nerd out about monofins!
The Celtic Siren
on 6/5/19
Very hard to put on!
Product Rating
by Tarzan
Size is allright but when you put the mono on, the back is very thigth. So it is very hard to use.
on 6/23/18

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