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Elios Smoothskin Black Wetsuit

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Customer Reviews

I am very happy with my wetsuit
Product Rating
by Serge
I am very happy with my wetsuit, she is really great. I have the right technique to put it and remove it

It keeps really warm in the water.

Elios’s very good quality.

Thank you for your advice.
on 11/1/21
Warm and ease of entry
Product Rating
by John
Use at lake Tahoe in winter to ride electric hydrofoil. Getting older and the force and effort to put on closed cell suit is an issue. Gave this a try and works great. Out of the water, water runs off so no cooling effect. 3 mm open cell is warm enough on sunny days and comfortable and takes much less effort to put on and take off. Water about 45*f and air 50* and above and I am good to go. Fit comfort and warmth met my highest expectations.
on 3/7/21
Very good wetsuit!
Product Rating
by Kjell
Love the suit, good quality and size fitment. Very warm!
on 10/12/20
Very good wetsuit
Product Rating
by Stephane
Great quality wetsuit. Fits me perfectly thanks to a very accurate size chart. Very warm and comfortable. Worth the (rather long) wait between the order and delivery
on 12/14/19
Elios Smoothskin Black Wetsuit
Product Rating
by Jason
Excellent nice cut and very warm
on 11/21/19
Fantastic but slow delivery
Product Rating
by Randy
This suit is definitely amazing and I am looking at another one. That being said, it is not "Ready Made" or "In-Stock" as advertised on the site. If you are planning to order one, order for one season in advance as mine was ordered in early fall (last week of September) and arrived the week before Thanksgiving. A few weeks would be understandable if the product was truly in stock and ready to ship.
on 11/17/18
Product Rating
by Camp
using it for freediving in fresh water
on 9/6/18
Product Rating
by Rob
Superb freedom of movement, great cut and fit. Wonderful "Slip" through the water, really warm for the thickness. Takes a bit of practice getting on and off (realise I had been doing it wrong all these years!) definitely worth the extra little bit of time and care required to give that feeling of "oneness" within the Sea!
on 7/27/18
Excellent product
Product Rating
by Steve O.
Suit was a little big I'm going to get a size down next time but very happy
Steve O.
on 6/22/18
warm pleasant to wear
Product Rating
by Warren
My Elios Black Wetsuit is a superb suit to wear. Care must be used while donning and removing the suit. Please coat your body and the entire suit with lubricant and ease yourself into your suit. Smother the suit with lubricant for removal. My suit fits and clings like a second skin and feels great to wear. The suit is clearly warmer than other suits. This is a top product highly recommended for any water sports.
on 11/4/17

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