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Leaderfins Future Spirit Monofin - Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

My absolutely favorite new gear
Product Rating
by Meliha
I love these fins! They are well made and glide beautifully. I ordered a soft blade because this was my very first pair of training fins. What I would love to see are future design improvements that would accommodate quick change of blades e.g. blades as attachments (from soft to medium etc). I also love the carrying bag that comes with this monofin. It is ginormous however and carrying these around feels like carrying a cello and does take require quite a bit of space. I wanted to take the monofin when traveling on the airplane but it can’t be folded or put apart to become more compact so oversize cargo would be the only option (another suggested design improvement). Outside of competitive world I think there is an opportunity to play with the materials for blades and use biomimicry designs to make them more rubbery and fluid - the current blade material feels more like plain hard plastic. The snorkel that comes with fins definitely requires an upgrade - especially the metal ring and the rubber headband. Quite outdated given that it came with the high quality hydrocarbon monofin. The foot pocket fits great, and socks help minimize appearance of blisters for longer training sessions. Despite these suggested design improvements, the experience in water with these fins is unparalleled - highly recommend for any monofin enthusiasts. I hope they last a long time!
on 1/9/20
Love it!
Product Rating
by Jenny
Love the design. Colour vibrant and on both sides of fin. Leaderfin is shorter in design than my previous training fin. Find it easier to use. Foot pockets soft and good sizing. They are suited to a wider foot than my narrow on but with the bonus socks you get this helps with fitting. Enjoy using it in training for short and longer distance.
on 9/7/17

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