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Elios Smoothskin Black - Tailor Made Wetsuit

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Customer Reviews

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by John
Hi... the 7mm smooth skin is great when it comes to warmth... it goes on easy and comes off a easy... I’m wearing it in Norway in 5-6c water and staying warm... the only problem / challenge is that between dives it’s not comfortable... if you pull the hood down it’s very uncomfortable around the neck and it’s not too comfortably to wear topside very long.... I’m not sure how to solve this problem but it’s been a real challenge... to the point where I did not even wear it for a few days when it was slow looking for whales.... then found myself putting it on outside a point in 0 degree weather (not much fun)...
Now I’m in the water more often and the neck issues is much less a problem... but would be nice if there was a solution to that...

Omg the gloves were / are amazing... warm and very soft and super easy to put on... my other gloves have the same design and are a real struggle to put on and have less finger control..... gloves are a home run!
on 11/2/19
Toasty Warm - Even in Alaska
Product Rating
by ellenhighwater
I ordered this in 7mm for a summer of freediving in the waters of southern Alaska. It fits perfectly, is soft and comfortable (no problems with breathing up even though it's thick) and keeps me toasty warm, even on longer dives.
on 5/16/15

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