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Najade Speed Rubber Swimming Fins

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Customer Reviews

Product Rating
I bought this fins for my son, it was excellent speed rubber fins.
on 8/25/18
Excellent Fins
Product Rating
by Stephen
Excellent speed could be generated by a small fin and the maneuverability makes it ideal for underwater hockey
on 2/7/18
decent fin
Product Rating
by Alexander
It is a factory-manufactured fin with post-manufactoring alteration (cut off heel). You are supposed to wear it other way around through the hole in the heel. It does give you extra speed this way, but it is quite painful for the top of the foot. all energy comes from downkick, no upkick. extra thick half socks (8 mill or something) would probably solve the issue, have to find those now. 3mm half sock does not work.
on 1/6/17

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