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Elios Vintage Smoothskin Wetsuit

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Customer Reviews

Great wetsuit
Product Rating
by gary
Very good service
on 11/23/22
Elios Smooth skin wesuit
Product Rating
by Mark
Great fit ,kept me warm whilst swimming & diving.
on 12/23/20
Product Rating
by Drew
Great quality.
on 11/18/20
High quality
Product Rating
by Marc
Well done and very high quality material.
on 7/22/20
Product Rating
by JW
An excellent purchase!!!!!!!!
on 7/14/20
Product Rating
by Timothy
An excellent retro style suit! fit and workmanship were a+.
on 3/8/20
I'm ever so impressed....!
Product Rating
by P W
I understand you can't rush an Italian tailor, but this is a beautifully hand-made smooth-skin wet suit and it's well worth the wait.
on 2/18/20
vintage etsuit
Product Rating
by Michael
What a lovely fit just like a glove Ggreat in the water only the best many thanks.
on 1/3/20
Wetsuit vintage
Product Rating
by Michael
Like a smooth second skin as you glide through the water. A feeling second to none. Thanks
on 1/3/20
Product Rating
by Corby
I finally got a shiny black beavertail wetsuit, and it has exceeded all expectations. The fit and comfort is superb.
I'm taking it to Puerto Vallarta next month for some scuba diving, and this is perfect.
I highly recommend FreediverShop and the Elios Vintage Smoothskin Wetsuit!

on 1/2/20

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