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Apneautic Freediving Buoy Maxi

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Customer Reviews

Very Good
Product Rating
by Peter
Very good!
on 6/3/19
Very happy
Product Rating
by Nikki
It's good quality for what you pay for!
on 2/9/19
A good piece of kit
Product Rating
by Julian
This buoy is strong and is of a good size. The handles and loop on the outside are very convenient and the pocket for the flagpole is an important safety feature. I bought they yellow buoy for maximum visibility and it is very bright- another good safety feature. On the downside, the straps are not continuous on the outside- a continuous webbing strap would allow for a few more loops (for snorkels, handholds)and would also likely be stronger. The buoy does not drain easily through the two small drain holes- these also allow sand to enter as they do not have a mesh cover. Larger drain holes with a mesh covering (or making the entire bottom of the buoy from mesh) would be better. I use the buoy with the Apneautic inner tube with a boat valve. This provides plenty of buoyancy and it can be inflated/deflated quickly and easily for ease of packing and transport.
on 10/25/18
Product Rating
by Fernando
Superb quality, plenty of space to store rope, weights, freediving gear, water bottles etc.
on 9/26/18
Product Rating
by thomas
Super product. I would only suggest two more drain holes.
on 9/23/18
Beautiful product
Product Rating
by Justin
I just love the quality of buoy.
on 8/4/18
Great float
Product Rating
by karl
Great float for line diving. Plenty of space for rope and weights. Very hardy so far. We are using them for all our line diving activities now.
on 2/6/18
Excellent product, quick shipping.
Product Rating
by Hman
This buoy arrived in great condition, and appears to be extremely well-constructed. It provided excellent flotation while carrying 2 dive lines and 25# of lead, plus personal gear; the many hand-holds provide multiple resting points for large groups. Circular zipper is beefy and easy to use. A diving flag is not included, but there is a well-constructed vertical sleeve along the perimeter to mount your own. I highly recommend this buoy!
on 2/1/18
Good quality product
Product Rating
by Quinn
Received my Apneatic Freediving Buoy and was extremely impressed with the quality of the build of this product. It has exceeded my expectations.
on 4/18/17

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