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SpeedFins Explorer Advanced Monofin

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Advanced Monofin
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by Jonathan
This is the second monofin I have bought and I have around 3 to 4 years experience swimming, so I have a hunch that the advanced monofin would be about right. I have had the chance to test this out in an indoor pool and also at sea. The first great thing about this fin is how comfortable the foot pockets are, as long as you choose the comfort option for its build. The rubber is uniquely soft and more elastic than the other models I have tried, this gives a very snug yet comfortable fit. And on the base of your foot sole is an additional convex beautifully cut rubber piece the forms itself to your foot allowing comfort and non slipping! Once your in your advanced fin after a few kicks you will notice that it is incredibly light in the water and cuts through the great blue with ease, building up speed is easy and effortless, it wont hold you back or drag you down, I think this is due to the enhanced leading edge. The advanced monofin is stamped with an individual number which means it is a one off handbuilt design of high craftmanship, closer inspection reveals, seamless joints and precision cuts to form an outstanding piece of kit for under £300!! The only thing that isn't on this fin is an edge protector, I hope I don't crack it on the pool floor. I found no problems at sea even in rough conditions as I was easily able to swim against strong tides. But make sure if the ocean is your thing, to select an extra hard blade.
on 5/8/19

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