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Elios Superskin Competitor - Tailor Made Wetsuit

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Customer Reviews

Great wetsuit.
Product Rating
by David
It’s a very fragile wetsuit. I ripped it the first time I tried to put it on. But it was my fault.
This wetsuit need to be used carefully and properly wear; with hair conditionner it’s really easy to put on.
The open cell skin is dam warm. The suit is very flexible and elastic; it’s almost a second skin.
I did use it 5-6 time since I bought it; except the first rip, I never damaged again the suit; but the paint/color start to disappear at the knee level.
I do recommend a lot that wetsuit, but it’s fragile.
on 12/19/20
Product Rating
by Jonas
Super soft, varm and comfortable
A bit fragile but think that is a learning thing

on 8/6/18
wetsuit is very good
Product Rating
by Dusan
The wetsuit is very good. Long production and delivery time.
on 7/7/17
Excellent performance wetsuit
Product Rating
by Scott
Excellent wetsuit! extremely soft and comfortable. I use it for competitions and performance freediving and training. Like all smoothskin / superskin wetsuits its relatively fragile and should not meet with any rocks underwater if you want to keep it in one piece!
on 4/18/15
Super-comfortable, but too fragile.
Product Rating
by J-man
I am the owner of the Yamamoto45 version of this suit, and whereas I am very comfortable when wearing the suit I think the fragility of this open cell material is a major issue, that Elios could do more to inform about in their marketing material.. I can only recommend it for competition kind of divers who know that they will never hit a rock while diving, and always have a buddy who can assist in putting the suit on and off, and who are comfortable with the techniques of using soap/water/oil to make the material more slippery. I would have given 3 stars if it wasn't for the fact that the suit also breaks where it is glued together, which to me indicates some issues during manufacturing. Remempler plenty of neophrene glue if you order this suit.
on 4/17/15

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