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Dolphin Rubber Swimming Fins

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Customer Reviews

flex but heavy
Product Rating
by אורן
Great flexibility, hydrodynsmics
Rubber a bit heavy
on 2/4/22
Very good fins
Product Rating
by tsouk
These fins are quite good for their price. As mentioned by the other reviewers, they are quite soft, so bear that in mind. I like the softness actually, and the fact that they are very good for surface swimming.

I use them for my dolphin kick and they react very well, and also don't produce any leg/knee pains.

Couple of things:
- they were mailed to me in a plastic wrap, and bubble wrap, which was very effective, but slightly odd
- they don't have holes for your toes, which I find a bit of a shame. They are not the toughest, or fastest fins, so why not have a hole for the toes to let water out and spare the minimum hydrodynamic effect?

That said, awesome fins.
on 9/20/15
Good vlaue fins
Product Rating
by Jeremy
Good value fins that are great in the pool.
on 5/13/15
dolphin rubber fins
Product Rating
by alinux
This rubber fins are ideal if you are looking for a gentle pair of fins, elastic and compliant. I have found them the best solution for surface swimming, as they do not float on the surface and are a very good match between the moving foot and the surrounding water. They are by far better than the plastic fins one usually find for swimming, which are too tugh and produce pains in the legs. Congratulations for offering them ! I shall have a spare pair, but please do not keep them in the sun.
on 8/15/14
Dolpin Rubber Fin
Product Rating
by adjual
comfortable and easy but the fins are too soft so that the rate becomes slow swimming
on 2/3/14

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