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Ultrafins Carbon Power Fins Feat. Pathos Foot Pockets

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Great fins
Product Rating
by Dorian
The fins feel great. Foot pocket is very comfortable - I have quite wide feet.
The finish of the fins is of high standard. You can remove the Ultrafin logo very easily if you wish too as it is only a sticker. I would be happy to keep the logo if it was much more discreet.

Most importantly, they perform very well compared to my old JB Escalpez Eteck carbon and glass fibre fins.
They are very responsive (only used up to 12-15 m so far) and I do not tire as quickly as I used to - a spearfishing session can last around 4 hours and with sometimes around 15 kg of crabs and fish to drag in strong current.

Maybe they are slightly on the long side for spear fishing around the coast, a slightly shorter version would be great but overall, I'm very happy with them.
on 6/16/21

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