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WaterWay Capt. Nemo Carbon Power Fins

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Customer Reviews

"sceptical australian customer pleasantly surprised"
Product Rating
by billy
bought from australia & was a bit sceptical about the cheap prices at first but in my experience they are top-knotch product-wise & 110% customer service....i messed up the foot pocket size 2 times after ordering & they sorted it all out (on a sunday night) with no disruption in the delivery....great blokes, top company, it was a pleasure. billy
on 2/18/20
Excellent fins for the price
Product Rating
by Brandon
Performance of these fins is unmatched for the price they’re offered at. Great fins to introduce any diver into the capabilities of carbon blades.
on 8/12/19
Excellent service
Product Rating
No problem with the shop. Fins arrived perfectly!!

on 2/14/19
Amazing shoe
Product Rating
by Ghigomatto
Very good fins, for deep apnea are excellent, light, almost not felt at the foot, have a very good fins. Incredibly comfortable!
The blade is very performing, and allows you to dive funds and related ascents without effort.
An excellent fin with low costs.
I waited for about 20 days.
Excellent packaging, excellent product.
on 2/4/19
Product Rating
by Klaudij
Very good
on 2/1/19
Great fins
Product Rating
by Anni
Captain Nemo Carbon Powerfins are amazing. Great foot pockets, even for women and a great flow in the water!
on 8/17/18
Excellent product
Product Rating
by Michael
I m so Glad with the product and excellent customer service
on 2/25/18
Good fins for Great price
Product Rating
by Anatoliy
Good response from the blade. The foot pocket angle makes surface swimming very comfortable. I am size 9US. I got 2 pairs of fins.
One is size 7-8, stiffness2 - don't need socks, use it in the pool to work on technique. The other is 9-10, stiffness 3. Have to put 5mm socks. Great for cold open water. Both feel comfortable for hours in the water.
Great value! Very happy with the purchase.
on 2/23/18
good product.
Product Rating
by mauro
I use in swimming pool and sea. Good power to move up and good to push under the sea. Comfortable foot pockets.
on 10/23/17
Product Rating
by Jesse
Great fins, very responsive and powerful. Got them by a recommendation from my freediving instructor.
on 2/7/15

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