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Pathos Fireblade Foot Pockets

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Pathos Foot Pockets
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A pair of high quality Pathos Fireblade foot pockets, made from three different compounds of vulcanized rubber.

Designed specifically for spearfishing these foot pockets are exceptionally durable, comfortable and lightweight (only 370 gr).

Featuring U shaped ultra thin rails which allows optimal energy transfer and power while maintaining minimal foot pocket weight.

Compatible with most available blades on the market.

Pathos Foot Pockets
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Product Questions

How to correctly measure my foot length?

In order to correctly measure the length of your foot, please follow the measuring guide in the illustration below. Foot measurements should be made while standing on your feet on a flat surface.

Foot Length Measuring Guide

To determine which foot pocket size is right for you, please refer to our universal shoe size conversion chart.

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Customer Reviews

Fits my foot best. Other brands do not.
Product Rating
by Flaco
Hi - Thank you for continuing to make the Pathos Fireblade foot pockets. As my 2nd toe is longer than all my other toes, the protruding ledge on the toe end of the pocket fits my foot and does not chafe. I used to wear Omer Pegaso, but Omer discontinued this line. Even then, the protruding edge on that Footpockets was not very big and I got chafe holes in my fin socks. A local shop here is really pushing the Riffe Vector Footpocket, but this model is the worst for my foot shape (it does not have a protruding toe ledge at all). I will continue to buy from you when I can. We, in the US, support Ukraine! Your are in our hearts and thoughts.

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