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Leaderfins Sport Monofin + Socks

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Quick Overview

Freediving Sport monofin from Leaderfins.

The monofin blade is made of high quality multi-layered fiberglass. Equipped with comfortable soft rubber footpockets.

Great for finswimming, freediving and underwater orienteering.Supplied with free neoprene socks

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Leaderfins Freediving Sport Monofin + Socks
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Product Details

Freediving Sport monofin from Leaderfins.

The monofin blade is made of high quality multi-layered fiberglass.

Equipped with comfortable soft rubber footpockets.

Great for finswimming, freediving and underwater orienteering.

Supplied with free neoprene socks.

All Leaderfins fins are supplied with a one-year warranty for materials and craftsmanship.

Product Dimensions: ~ 72 x 68 cm / 28.3 x 26.8 inch

1 Year warranty for materials and craftsmanship
Worldwide shipping - calculated
72 cm / 28.3 inch
68 cm / 26.8 inch
1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs

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Product Questions

How do I choose blade stiffness?

We advise selecting blade stiffness in correlation with your overall physical structure;

If you weigh under 65 kg (~145 lbs), please select stiffness 1-Soft. If you weigh over 65 kg (~145 lbs), we advise selecting stiffness 2-Medium and if you weigh over 90 kg (~200 lbs), we advise selecting stiffness 3-Hard.

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How to select the correct foot pocket size?

Our foot pocket sizing is true to actual shoe size, we advise selecting the foot pocket size which corresponds with your actual shoe size.

To determine which foot pocket size is right for you, please refer to our universal shoe size conversion chart.

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How to correctly measure my foot length?

In order to correctly measure the length of your foot, please follow the measuring guide in the illustration below. Foot measurements should be made while standing on your feet on a flat surface.

Foot Length Measuring Guide

To determine which foot pocket size is right for you, please refer to our universal shoe size conversion chart.

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What are blade hydro-wings and blade protection for?

The blade hydro wings add stability to the blade by means of improved channeling of the water flow over the blade. Blade protection helps in preventing damage to the blades edge when coming in contact with hard objects such as the pool wall or floor.

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Customer Reviews

Product, service, shipping - all good!
Product Rating
by Vadim
This monofin fit well - the bigger cut around instep worked nicely. Overall product quality is good!
Monofin arrived one day before schedule and customer service was really supportive.
Thank you!
Product Rating
by Joe
Haven't tried these in the water yet, but so far the fit is perfect. I'm US size 10.5 but have really wide feet, so I ordered size XXL as per some of the other reviewers' recommendation (+2 size up from your average, if wide). My toes don't reach the end of the boot, but because my foot is so wide, by the time my feet are as deep in the boot as they can go, the ankle loops/straps apply good pressure to keep the fin in place. With neoprene socks on, I am sure they will be even tighter/snug. Can't wait to get these in the water!
QA issue but quickly fixed
Product Rating
by Ilija
It appears that the fins are hand made. While understandable, it leads to issues. On my fins rubber on my right foot socket was cut too deep so it developed crack on 3rd use. But the issue was really quickly fixed. They sent me a new fin right away and this one has that part done much better.
Great product
Product Rating
by Nelle
I am really happy with my product. I had an accident around 4 years ago and was not able to swim as my knee would was not able to go the distance without fatigue. Now I am able to start swimming soon to redo my dive ticket and get some off my life back. I also read the reviews about getting the soft one to start with and a size up I am so glad they did as they were right thank you to all the people for there advise and to leader fins with the fast delivery and the product.
Excellent monofin, I love it.
Product Rating
by shogen
I have 3 differnt stiffness monofins which are ex hard, midium,and soft. And I find out, soft one is best for me. Soft one is easy to go longer and faster.
Good beginner fins
Product Rating
by David
These seemed the cheapest "proper" monofins that I could find in the UK. In the swimming pool I find that the jets of water can twist me off course although this is seeming to effect me less so maybe I am improving! I find it hard to swim efficiently with this and my distance is the same as with bifins. I can swim fast with this fin easily just finding it hard to slow my technique down although I blame this on being a beginner.
On my one deep water session with the fin I found it a lot better and easier than my bi fins.
Would buy again, although maybe in a softer strength.
Overall if this is your first fin or for a training fin to scratch and batter in the pool then go for it!
Excellent monofin
Product Rating
by Finswimmer
Good quality, fast shipping, powerful fin, but ... Even though I went up a size for foot size after reading the reviews I struggle getting into the foot pockets, even with soap. Can't use the socks as they make it even tighter. I can only swim for some 10 to 15min before my feet get too painful as I have very high instep. I grew up training with fins, including mono fins and never had this problem before. I guess it will take a while until the foot pockets are 'broken' in.
Big learning curve, but very fun
Product Rating
by Catherine
My previous monofin is a Finis Wave, so this is my first experience with a professional monofin. The large, fiberglass fin on the Leaderfin took me a few swims to get used too, and required a lot more work from my legs - but the speed and depth I can swim to now is incredible!! The foot pockets are a lot narrower than I was expecting - I'm a 7.5 so ordered the 7.5-8.5, but the fit was *very* snug. I highly recommend using the socks as you break the rubber in. Overall, I am super happy with this product.
excellent quality
Product Rating
by Free diving Hannah
This is my first proper mono fin an the quality is unbeatable. When I have it on, people think i'm a shark :) Bit of a hassle to get on an off but is a breeze to swim with. I let my friend use it and he got the hang of it very quickly. :)
Free diving Hannah
on 5/17/15
Good product, not exactly what i expected
Product Rating
by Oskar
Footpockets smaller than I had expected, "socks" only cover half foot but fill the purpose of protecting the skin from burn from the rubber.
Bag was great!

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