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Labrax Falcon Foot Pockets


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Labrax Falcon Foot Pockets

Product Details

A pair of high quality foot pockets from Labrax.

Made with 100% pure Latex material in three different stiffness levels for unmatched comfort and durability.

The foot pockets feature soft Latex for the toes and heel, medium stiffnes Latex for the foot pocket ribs, allowing the blades to flex freely without resistance and hard Latex for the bottom of the foot pocket for improved stability and energy efficiency.

Compatible with most available blades on the market.

Labrax Falcon Foot Pockets
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Product Questions

How to correctly measure my foot length?

In order to correctly measure the length of your foot, please follow the measuring guide in the illustration below. Foot measurements should be made while standing on your feet on a flat surface.

Foot Length Measuring Guide

To determine which foot pocket size is right for you, please refer to our universal shoe size conversion chart.

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